1. C# App for Salary Calculator
| Updated: (9 months ago)
Create a C# app for Salary CalculatorHere is my simple desktop application created in C#, this is just to show how simple it is to program in C# using Visual Studio 2019, the Calculator app was inspired by the online version from Calculator.net .  As... Read More
2. Create C# app for Salary Calculator - Tutorial
| Updated: (9 months ago)
Here is my simple tutorial for creating an app in C# for salary computation, you will learn the basic knowledge on creating an app using the C# language, I used Visual Studio 2019 for this tutorial. Read More Read More
3. Developer's LogWatcher
| Updated: (9 months ago)
I created this small utility for my own use to display selected log file on the website in real time using websocket and NodeJs, and ReactJs this can be use to debug or inspect data on your code on the server side, very similar to tail on the termina... Read More
4. NodeJS + Express in port 80
| Updated: (1 month ago)
NodeJS Project on Website sub-folderNodeJS Project normally uses port 3000, but have you ever wondered that instead of sending your visitor to port 3000 on your server how about just putting it on a sub-folder of your website. This tutorial gives you... Read More
5. NodeJS Project on Website sub-folder
| Updated: (9 months ago)
Here is my simple quick tutorial on how to put your NodeJS project on your website sub-folder using NginX proxy pass, this tutorial also utilize the Amazon AWS EC2 server. Read More Read More
6. WCast Stream Control Panel
| Updated: (9 months ago)
One of my SAAS system created is this WCast stream manager, this used for audio streaming online normally for Internet Radio.Read More Read More