1. Ceres Online Sustainability System
| Updated: (9 months ago)
Online Sustainability System Ceres Online Sustainability System (eCOSS) provides the most interactive and intelligent platform available for sustainability management throughou... Read More
2. GIT quick reference and Error fix
| Updated: (9 months ago)
* Uploading project to Github1. git init <- go to your project folder and initialize git 2. git add . <- this will stage all your files 3. git commit -m "adding all files" <- do your first commit to confirm all your... Read More
3. Linux bash commands collections
| Updated: (9 months ago)
For all the tasks, projects that I am doing specially jumping from several programming languages I admit that I cannot remember all those commands when it come to Linux server so I took these notes below as my cheat sheet, I'll keep updating this pag... Read More
4. NodeJS + Express in port 80
| Updated: (1 month ago)
NodeJS Project on Website sub-folderNodeJS Project normally uses port 3000, but have you ever wondered that instead of sending your visitor to port 3000 on your server how about just putting it on a sub-folder of your website. This tutorial gives you... Read More
5. NodeJS Project on Website sub-folder
| Updated: (9 months ago)
Here is my simple quick tutorial on how to put your NodeJS project on your website sub-folder using NginX proxy pass, this tutorial also utilize the Amazon AWS EC2 server. Read More Read More
6. Online Systems
| Updated: (6 months ago)
Online Systems Projects Note: Due to the company policy of my previous employer I am not allowed to put a link on some of the systems I created. WCast Stream Manager Icecast and Shoutcast Stream Server Control panel. This system mana... Read More
7. Product Assessment System
| Updated: (9 months ago)
Re-writing my codesRe-writing my old developed system for PsIndex Company, I was using a pure native php coding approach on this system without using any framework, I just created my own class although it was good in terms of security and code contro... Read More
8. WCast Stream Control Panel
| Updated: (9 months ago)
One of my SAAS system created is this WCast stream manager, this used for audio streaming online normally for Internet Radio.Read More Read More
9. Wcast Stream Manager
| Updated: (9 months ago)
WCast Stream Server Control Panel Audio Stream server like Icecast and Shoutcast is an app that runs on the Linux or Windows server and it needs to have root access to the serv... Read More
10. Website Projects
| Updated: (9 months ago)
Collections of Websites I designed Note: Some of these websites are created long ago and no longer active today, so I put their files on my server to show it, those active websites are linked to the real domain.... Read More