Wcast Stream Manager.

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WCast Stream Server Control Panel

Audio Stream server like Icecast and Shoutcast is an app that runs on the Linux or Windows server and it needs to have root access to the server in order to control it, but this is not the case in which normal user or client can't have root access on the server, so I created this Wcast Stream Manager to let the client control their own stream server using the Web panel so they can only access their own account without having full root access to the server. The panel communicates securely with the server using javascript and a daemon app created in C on the server that executes the command to control Icecast or Shoutcast and does some other functions. I developed this using native PHP from scratch without using any frameworks. This online app is currently used by Whooshstream company to their clients

  • Client Whooshstream
  • Skills: PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, JSON, Linux, C, Bash

Admin Panel

1. Account Detail page. This is the main control page in which you can turn on/off the server, it also displays details of how you setup your encoder to connect to this server.

2. Auto DJ control page. This page for autoDJ where you can upload and create a playlist, start/stop the auto DJ encoder, additionally you can modify bitrate, sample rate, and crossfade of the song,  song song request is also one of the feature where in the admin can just drag and drop a selected song and this will get inserted and will be included on the playlist queue.

3. Logs and Statistic page. This page shows the recently played songs, daily and weekly listeners counts.

Client Panel

1. User main page. The green themed page is for client control panel this is where they can control thier server such as turn ON/OFF, upload music files, view reports and soon.

2. Embbed codes. This page show some settings and codes the client need to use in order to put realtime status data on their website.

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