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The site

Mindworksoft website is owned and maintained by me,  this site contains several tutorials, code snippets, projects that I made,  this website started around year 2002 when the I started to learn on the field of Information Technology and as obviously there is no better way to store ideas and knowledge than put it online so I took advantage of using this website to store all the ideas and information so I can access it whenever I want worldwide.

I continuously updating  this website as it was built using Laravel 5 framework and need to upgrade to later version, although this website started at 2002 and has a lot of changes and update you may check on Archive its old content,  some of the projects such as website design was removed as most of them no longer exist anyway,  Technology is fast changing browser nowadays are even no longer support flash which some of my flash animation project previously work but I will still post here as just screen capture.

The Author

Note: I am currently looking for opportunity to practice my experiences and skills on your company, I can be reach on my email [email protected]

I'm on IT

By looking back to where I started I can say that I already achieved my goals of proving to people that everything is possible it just only takes time, passion, and patience.
For more than 20 years working in the field of Information Technology, I can confidently tell now how the computer works from hardware to software.

My Company
Whooshstream.com the company that I started around 2006, it was initially a web hosting company but then later focused on internet streaming hosting, I created stream manager software called WCast to manage stream server and also the html5 web radio player with control panel this is called Airloud

My future vision
Technology help humanity to speed up everything and at the same time making people work easier, with this pandemic in recent year 2020 many people do works remotely, so I have the idea that instead of using a web camera to attend meetings or connect to the office computer using remote desktop, how about creating a robot that you can control remotely as if you are actually there on the office or on your home on the other side of the world cooking some dinner for your grandpa, yes its kind of like an Avatar movie right?. This technology idea is already in used now but only for medical and military used and mostly they are limited in mobility.

Skills other than coding
I love singing and dancing, I mostly join on the community events to share my talent, I also got my DJ set playing and mixing music on the party, sometimes during weekend I do hiking or biking with my drone or camera for photography I love taking pictures of nature landscapes.


Full-Stack Web Developer

Traveled abroad and work in the Mid-east country for 15 years, working as Web designer and developer on UAE, Abu Dhabi,  Donrite Media Advertising, and then Ceres LLC. While working as a full-stack web developer I learned a lot about other skills such as 3D graphic modeling and flash animation as this was required by the company I worked for their clients, I usually attend meetings on clients for website presentation.

Computer Instructor

On my origin country Philippines I worked as a computer teacher, handling subjects for computer technician students such as computer troubleshooting and repair, local networking, basic programming languages such as Assembly language, Turbo Pascal, Turbo Basic, and C Language.

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Dario L. Mindoro

Author of Mindworksoft.com, Full-stack developer, interested in media streaming, automation, photography, AI, and digital electronics.