RadioBox Mobile App.

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RadioBox Android App

RadioBox HD is a FREE android native app version of the RadioBox player for Whooshstream Clients.

For Radio broadcasters, lots of radio app are now available that allow you to add your station on the list but then listeners tend to pickup other station instead of yours because all stations are listed and your listeners need to search your station first before they can listen.

This app can display all informations of your station and only play your stream once the station code has been entered, broadcasters must be a subscriber of whooshstream radiobox ( subscribers will be given a unique station code and they can put the code on their website together with the download link of this app on Google play store, once the user download this player app it will just ask a station code one-time but this can be change anytime from setting icon if needed.

  • Client Whooshstream
  • Skills: Java, Eclipse IDE, MySQL, JSON, XML, Google Play

Note: To install this app you need to download it on your android phone and open this RadioBoxHD_V15.apk from the download folder, during the first run it will ask for a station code this is the code given to client, but for default station just enter "web" as the code.

This app has an admin panel where user can manage what will be displayed on the app, like DJ photo, Banners, Ticker message and also specify the stream server address, at the same time aside from RadioBox android app, it has also a flash player for web embedable player, all of these was my creation.

This Radio player app can display banners, DJ Photos and station channel list, link icons for Facebook page, twitter, website of the radio station and chat, banners and DJ photos can be uploaded on the RadioBox web control panel, station channels are list of stream from the radio station in which they can list different bit rates such as High quality, medium and low quality stream so that listeners can choose which channel they're going to listen depend on their internet connection, A Flash player version of this app is also available for website.


  • Play MP3, AAC, AACP streams
  • Compatible with Icecast or Shoutcast Stream server
  • Display DJ photos or banners that was uploaded from RadioBox panel
  • Multi-channel list, which is good for radio station that has several genres, or it can be use for multi-bitrate streams such high, medium and low bandwidth streams
  • Customised icon for each channel that can be updated on RadioBox control panel
  • Uses unique station code so the radio player app will only show specific station and that app will look like personalised for the specific station.
  • Display album cover for every song, uses iTunes album database
  • Link icons for station website, Facebook, twitter with in the app built-in browser
  • Chat page for listeners and DJ
  • Share links
  • Background playing, (continue playing even minimised)
  • Ticker message from DJ

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