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My Flash Animation Projects

Today Adobe Flash is dead and it is now blocked by default on all browser, but during 2010 onward flash was a great fancy on most of the website on the internet when I was working at Donrite Media Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE I created several flash animated card and online games,  here below are some snapshot of my projects.

Catching Food Game

This is a web-based flash game I created for the Department of Health Abu Dhabi Government during their awareness campaign on eating the right foods and the right amount, the game used arrow keys on the keyboard to move the kid player left or right to catch the falling type of foods, whenever he catches that certain type of foods a dome pyramid is being created the so the aim to get a perfect score is to create the whole dome pyramid, the falling foods are random and the kids also need to avoid those food that he has catched more otherwise its game over.

Flash cannot be rendered on most browser now a day so I only did a video capture of the animation that you can watch on the right side I only use VirtualBox with Windows XP to view the flash and record it, but in case you like to view the real interactive flash you can view or download it here, you may also need a flash player to open the swf file so you can download them from adobe website here

DMA Invitation Card

An Animated invitation card for Department of Municipal Affair, I convert this flash to mp4 in order to show the animation here, the writing pen effect was an AS3 scriptin flash, what I did here was to manually draw the object and then record the x,y location of the mouse and stored it on xml file then when the flash start it read this xml file and follow the x,y coordinate to make and animation.

ADIP Presentation Slide

This is an animated presentation made in flash, I created this for ADIPS (Abu Dhabi International Photographer Society) during their events, the graphics on this slide was made by the graphic designer on our team so I am the one who convert those images into animated object.

AL Gharbia Greeting Card

This is an animated greetings card for Al Gharbia company during Eid Al Fitr, I made some transition effects on those letters, they ara actualy a png transparent image and one by one animate to fly in circle and also with fading smoke effects, the graphics was design by our graphic designer team.

Abu Dhabi Port Company Greeting Card

This is an animated greetings card for Abu Dhabi Port Company during Ramadan, I made some water ripple effects on those card and it also responded on mouse movement, the water ripple effect has used because these company is obviously on coastal area, the graphics was design by our graphic designer team.

Animated Invitation Card

Below here are the screen capture of several animated invitation card used by companies in Abu Dhabi, some of these are interactive and react to the mouse when you move around it and some are just contineous animation only.

Note: Below images are not clickable, as they are just a screen capture of a flash animation, flash is now blocked on all browser

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