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What you are about to see here is an old-school software created on an early version of Windows, so just take a look at how the software looks like 2 decades ago, yes they are old-school but made with hard work and patient on a very slow 386 computer and 50kbps internet :D

Whoosh MP3 Media Player

Whoosh MP3 is a perfect solution in music automation for Radio, party or personal, it is known for its perfect intelligent music mix point detection, with adding some features like; Manual crossfading, equalizer, Digital Sound Processor, Auto Gain Control, Media Library, Digital CD playing, Music Category, MP3 tag, Mixpoint manual editing and lots more...

  • Client FREE for everyone
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6, Photoshop, Bass Audio Library, AGC, Gapless Mixing,
  • Download Source Code
  • Compatability This program was developed on the early version of Windows (8,XP,Vista) and may not compatible on your current system
  • Installation Used the setup password 04011972

This is the first version of the software, the interface is a bit bulky and all the images and buttons are embedded to the executable files that make the main file a bit larger.

This is version 3 and I made it skinnable which means that the looks of the interface can be changed using the provided image file of the user, also some features were added like the audio mix point editor, playlist generator, etc.

I like music and I always listen to FM Radio station, one day I visited an FM station as somebody asked me to repair their computer and I saw this program called OtsDJ and was fascinated by it of how it play music evenly and smoothly like loud song and low volume song sound just same audio level, the gapless mixing is just like non-stop music playing. This OtsDJ player is a bit expensive so I could not afford it, so I found myself creating my own version of media player so the challenge was to create it with a very similar feature and I did it, I used my knowledge in graphic designing for its interface, Visual Basic as the language I used, and for the audio processing, I used Bass DLL libraries from my player was also featured on their site during that time

School Student Registration

I created this app when I was a system programmer at Acsi Business and Computer School, this program can speed up the process on student enrollment the database is also connected to the other program such as ID system, Accounting system so the flow of process will continue with a centralized data of the student.

  • Client ABCS
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6, Active Report, ADO Database

Inventory System

This is the inventory used by the school, I have integrated a 3D map of the floor on the building to visually find location rather than area name or room name, the user can just click the area on the map that shows the room location and a popup dialog will show that contains the list of item on that location.

  • Client ABCS
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6, Active Report, ADO Database

Point of Sale System

I created this point of sale for used in the school canteen, the process is very similar of that on many businesses, the user interfaces to make it easy for the user and it designs for touch screen, the user can either use the function keys or touch those big buttons on the touch screen, it has also reporting modules and item entry.

  • Client ABCS
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6, Active Report, ADO Database

Speech Lab System

This program was used on the Speech Lab for student who took Call Center course, this will improve their English pronunciations, I integrated audio processing on this system to compare the score of the student audio to the model speaker audio.

  • Client ABCS
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6, Active Report, ADO Database

Import Excel Data to Access Database

This program can able to import data from Excel Document to Ms Access Database file, the user will just select fields from the table on Access Database, and also select fields from the sheet of Excel file, the user can just drag and drop excel field to the matched field on Access database table, backing up of Access database is included in the program for data safety in case of user error. I created this program because I cannot find any program like this anyware, it took me half a day to finish this program since its a rush and that our client needs to import thier existing data from excel to the Inventory System database

  • Client ABCS
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6, Active Report, ADO Database
  • Source Code

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